the army of one Productions

Rockwall Studios, Suite 618
Ridgewood NY, 11385

Hands on composer for Film/ TV/ Media Scoring, Sound Design and Foley Work operating out of my Recording & Production Studio, The Army Of One Productions at Rockwood Studios in Ridgewood Queens, NYC. Extensive NYC work in award winning live film scores, dance scoring, scoring for fashion commercials, short films and archival film event series, with live orchestra along with live/ recorded foley and acoustic & electric instrument sound design. Access to many analog synthesizers, drum machines, world, rare, orchestral & electric instruments of all types, studio gear, VST plug ins, mics, an isolation booth for voice over work, percussive instruments, and a large state of the art modern sample orchestra sound library.

Credentials include live film scoring in The Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra, live scoring as solo artist with two honorariums in The Performa Biennial, a score with members of The Residents, TV theme for local NY, Noir Night Reel Film & Live Dark Jazz Band Series, New York Foundation for the Arts sponsorship, and much more other music and ambient, sound design and live scoring work in NY Film & Arts. Rates are flexible, affordable and I work fast with full commitment to make the most flattering and memorable film music and soundscapes for my clients. Thank you and best to both you and your work.

Please find the FILM/ DANCE & Ambient Scores Souncloud page link & a few selected commercial clips below the inquiry form.

-Ian M. Colletti

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